Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How Labour will work with business to build a better economy for the future

This week, Ed Miliband met business people from across the country at a Labour business event, during which he set out how One Nation Labour will work with business to build a better economy for the future.

We want to reform financial services so that banks, including regional banks, work for business, rather than businesses working for the banks.

Labour has told the banks they have between now and the General Election to deliver change, showing that high street banks will operate in a genuinely independent fashion from their casino arms and will focus on supporting British business. If they don’t deliver a Labour Government will legislate to split high street from casino banks.

This week we’ve seen a shred of progress on jobs – but David Cameron and George Osborne are worryingly complacent about the challenges facing the UK.

Those in work are working harder and earning less – £1,350 a year less than they were in 2010. There are
now more people unemployed long term than at any time since 1996 and we still have a nearly a million young people out of work.

I want to get more businesses involved Labour’s plans to get the economy back on track – we want to talk about skills and the tackling the short termism that stands in the way of them and success. We have fantastic, innovative businesses here in Haslingden and Hyndburn and Labour wants to work with them to reform our economy, secure a recovery made by the many, and ensure we have prosperity build to last.

If you have an idea on how Labour can work with businesses – small or large – to get our economy back on track, visit Your Britain and tell our Work and Business Policy Commission about it. The ideas posted on the website go towards helping Labour draft a One Nation manifesto for 2015.