Friday, 13 September 2013

74 new and refurbished homes on Within Grove, Huncoat.

Today I visited Within Grove, Huncoat. There has been a total of 74 new and refurbished homes made available for rent in the area. The redevelopment has been done by Contour Homes and the site will be managed by Hyndburn Homes, both organisations are both part of the Symphony Housing Group. The homes are impressive.

I have always supported the development of new, modern and affordable homes in the rented sector in Hyndburn and today's visit confirmed to me that lives can be transformed through this type of good quality housing.

Back in 2003, Labour's one year power we demolished 26 homes on Seascale but during almost a decade of the Conservatives nothing more got done.

After stock transfer I sat on the board as it grappled with the problems on the estate. They were told that the Council would never allow rented homes. Socially rented housing had had a terribly negative impact on the borough.

With the housing market collapsed and renting ruled out here seemed no way forward. I vowed in the board meetings of Hyndburn Homes that a Labour council would allow rented accomodation to be built and so it has come to pass today.

If the Tories would take the time to see Within Grove they would see how Hyndburn's families need these developments.

On the visit, I met a family who had recently moved from a private rented home which they described as damp, cold and not fit for purpose. They had 3 children, one of whom had a disability, and their new home was warm, spacious and had transformed their lives. I met a retired couple whose new bungalow meant their fuel bills had been reduced and they could see their grandchildren in comfort and space.

I'd like to thank all those involved in the project and for showing me around. I will continue to lobby for the resources to match the housing needs of the Borough and I'm proud that since my election and Labour taking control of the council we have seen a commitment to over 150 high quality new tenanted homes being brought into use for the residents of the Borough.