Saturday, 21 September 2013

Agapao.... success!

After private negotiations (of which no one knew) Agapao have agreed to gift the Mary Hindle Centre to Veterans in the Community.

It's my view that Louise and the trustees had their reasons for a chosen transfer.

A condition stipulated by VIC is that it cannot be sold, it must be gifted by VIC should they no longer be able to manage it. I am confident under VIC it will remain for community use.

I spoke with Ronnie from ViC this afternoon. The trustees of ViC had just been informed. He accepted that the campaign had no doubt put significant pressure on Agapao and Louise personally and had forced the issue.

I am delighted that The Save the Mary Hindle Centre campaign and I have achieved what was both morally right and of significant benefit to Haslingden. The return of a publicly funded, community asset back to the people of Haslingden.

Today's decision does not address the activities of Agapao Uganda which Haslingden residents are still involved with.

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