Tuesday, 10 September 2013

David Cameron is out of touch, failing to turn things around for Britain’s hard working families

In an important debate on Britain’s cost of living crisis last week, Labour MPs attacked David Cameron for being out of touch, and failing to turn things around for Britain’s hard working families.

David Cameron says the economy is fixed but for ordinary people things are getting harder, not easier, with prices rising faster than wages.

Wages are down an average of £1,500 a year since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, prices have risen faster in the UK than any other major economy and under the Tories we have had the slowest recovery for 100 years, with almost one million young people now out of work.

David Cameron is out of touch with the difficulties faced by ordinary families who feel he only stands up for the wealthiest. By making hard working families pay more than their share to bring down the deficit, while cutting taxes for an elite few at the top, he is showing whose side he is really on.

I think most people are crying out for real change. Of course I welcome the recent upturn in growth, as any growth, after three years of stagnation, is good news.

But Britain needs a strong recovery and a plan for a more balanced economy which boosts the living standards of the many not just the few at the top.