Friday, 13 September 2013

Food poverty research from Church Urban Fund

Dear Mr Jones, I thought I might forward to you some research we have done at Church Urban Fund about food banks and food poverty more generally. It provides an accessible but informative guide to what is happening in local communities. The report is called Hungry for More: how churches can address the root causes of food poverty.

Our research suggests that four out of five churches are currently supporting food banks in one way or another. The report also explores ways in which churches can do more to work alongside others to find long-term solutions to the causes of food poverty, for example by tackling high levels of personal debt. 

We would be happy to come and talk about the report or indeed any other aspect of the work we are doing at CUF to offer pathways out of poverty for those with whom we work. 

Best wishes,

Paul Hackwood

Paul Hackwood

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