Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Only Labour will deliver the real reform our politics so badly needs

This week I spoke out against David Cameron’s lobbying Bill – or, as many people are calling it, the ‘Gagging Bill’, as it could stop charities and campaigners speaking out on issues that matter to all of us.

David Cameron promised to fix our broken politics, but this Bill makes things worse not better. It says all you need to know about who the Government stands up for.

Only David Cameron could introduce a lobbying Bill that wouldn’t stop arch-lobbyist Lynton Crosby, who also happens to be one Cameron’s closest advisors, setting the Government's tobacco policy, but could stop an organisation like Cancer Research UK or the British Medical Association from campaigning about it.

If you want to speak out against the Bill and for a better cleaner politics click here and sign Labour’s petition: http://action.labour.org.uk/page/m/6e8af1e1/52fe97f6/6e43d18b/298ff44/2319773683/VEsH/