Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Petition on Dangerous Dogs

I will today present a petition to the House of Commons calling for tougher legislation to deal with dangerous dogs. The petition has been signed by many Haslingden and Hyndburn constituents who are tired of hearing stories of attacks, tired of having their own dogs harassed and tired of Government delays when it comes to toughening up the law.

Most owners are of course responsible, but with the number of recorded dog attacks rising, it is right that something is done about those irresponsible dog owners who turn innocent animals into dangerous weapons.

The Government have made some tentative steps in the right general direction, but their proposals are pretty weak overall. For example, I believe they should legislate for Dog Control Notices, which would allow Councils and the police to make sure owners are responsible.

The Government also needs to set out a clear timetable to extend the law to cover dog attacks on private property. This is an important change in the law, because a worryingly high number of attacks by dangerous dogs happen on private property.