Monday, 21 October 2013

Audit reveals Tory misjudgments cost council tax payers in Hyndburn another £250,000

Cutting out waste has been essential for Hyndburn's Labour Council in order to manage their dwindling budget with government funding having been and continuing to be slashed. A lot of waste has been identified; A £600k website that was abandonded after 6 months, £210,000 on maladminstration of taxis, £300,000 spent on a super loo in Accrington town centre few people used - so few it cost the Council over £18 for every 'penny spent'.

The latest audit of the spending of the previous Tory administration on Hyndburn Borough Council has highlighted further waste of public money under the former council leader Cllr Peter Britcliffe adminstration.

As a result of a poorly designed, and wasteful regeneration scheme designed by the Leader himself in his own ward, 6 properties in Blackpool Street and South Shore Street have now been sold at a huge loss to the Council taxpayer.

The Conservative group purchased the properties for £157,641.84 using HMR money; £399,560 for refurbishment paid for using Capital money, plus nearly £5000 in lost council tax revenue. In total they cost £562,019.71 and were sold for £315,000 meaning a loss to the taxpayer of a total of £247,019.71 on only 6 properties.

Back in July 2007 I was assured by the Coucil Leder and the Cabinet member responsible that this scheme would pay for itself. 
"The sale of the houses to private owners makes the regeneration scheme self funding"

Today we discover the council taxpayer has lost £250,000 due to misjudgements by the former Conservative council.