Sunday, 20 October 2013


This Government often blames others for its failings. We've certainly heard it all before on the economy, when we’ve been told that the snow or royal weddings were responsible for what is the slowest recovery from a recession in 100 years.

Nearly a million young people are unemployed. Prices have risen faster than wages in a staggering 38 out of 39 months while David Cameron has been in Downing Street. But this Government always looks for someone else to blame.

This week we’ve seen Ministers try to pass the buck to a new group: badgers. The Environment Secretary said that his unscientific and expensive culling programme had failed because “the badgers moved the goalposts”. You couldn’t make it up!

This is no way to deal with a serious issue. My postbag shows how much people in [CONSTITUENCY] care about animal welfare and about the spread of bovine TB. Getting this right matters to farmers, to our countryside and to the environment.

People have had enough of this Tory-led Government’s excuses for its failing policies. After three years in power, it’s time for David Cameron to listen and change course.