Sunday, 3 November 2013


At a time when families are under real pressure from a cost of living crisis, Labour’s plans to deal with some of the problems created by European migration - particularly in relation to local wages and jobs - are an important part of our package of measures to tackle the cost of living crisis head on.

Labour is also setting out sensible measures to prevent illegal immigration in contrast to the Tory-led Government approach of resorting to ineffective and offensive ad vans, gimmicks or incorrect text messages to people who have lived here for 30 years.

People want sensible, practical policies which address their concerns.

The Government’s has no plan to tackle the key issues of exploitation in the jobs market and nothing to address problems with border control and enforcement.

Labour would take a different approach. Our plans include: making it illegal for recruitment agencies to only target and recruit foreign workers; making it illegal for employers to deliberately run shifts only for foreign workers or segregate shifts by nationality; an increased civil penalty of up to £50,000 for not paying National Minimum Wage and exploiting to undercut; trebling the fine to £30,000 for illegally employing foreign workers and introduce a statutory minimum fine of £10,000; and a requirement that every large firm hiring a migrant worker from outside the EU has to offer an apprenticeship in return.