Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Walk in Centre Accrington Victoria; A response from the Chair of the Clinical Commisioning Group

Dear Mr Jones, Thank you for your email about the Health Access Centre, which will have crossed with my letter to you, including the paper that we have issued outlining the options. I would be happy to hear your views about the options.

I recognise the value placed upon this service by patients and the need to improve patient access. The issue that we have is whether a walk-in centre funded by a fee per attendance, with no incentive for patients to choose other more cost effective services, like community pharmacies, is affordable given the financial challenges we face.

We will be considering this at our Governing Body on 25 November, but may defer a final decision until the New Year so that we can understand the implications of the new contract arrangements for GPs announced today and the Monitor Report about walk-in centres.

Yours sincerely
Dr Mike Ions
Chief Clinical Officer