Monday, 9 December 2013

A and E in East Lancashire unsatisfactory according to patients.

The latest Friends and Family Test feedback (October) for East Lancashire Hospitals Trust show that for accident and emergency out of 142 hospitals, it ranked a lowly 132nd.

Anyone with any experience could tell you that there is a significant problem. I have previously written about my efforts to resolve with the Lancashire Ambulance Trust the chaos of ambulance's parked up awaiting bed space at A and E last winter. Some progress has been made.

I have sat in A and E with my young daughter and experienced how hard the staff in triage work but how over overwhelmed they are. I went to have a simple blood test for a cold having been to a malaria infected country. An important test given death comes quickly. Tropical diseases seem to be a non-priority so overstretched at A&E the staff are.

More recently we have seen the colossal numbers, some 36,000 using the GP walk in centre at Accrington. Should it close an estimated 11,000 will go to A and E instead at Royal Blackburn.

Add to that the cuts the government promised wouldn't happen. The costly NHS reorganisation. This month we have learned the scale of the redistributive cuts taking money from the NHS in deprived areas and giving it to the wealthy areas. This week the Mark Brearley, chief executive of East Lancashire’s troubled hospital trust has quit following a barrage of criticism from campaigners and NHS inspectors.

It's no wonder the public have no faith in the service. It's not the staff but government cuts, issues with the management and the scale of deprivation in East Lancashire.