Monday, 2 December 2013

A reply from the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group Accrington on the Victoria Health Access Centre

Below is a letter I recently received from the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group – the body ultimately responsible for the decision as to whether the hugely popular and hugely valued Accrington Victoria Health Access Centre stays open, and in what form.

As can be seen in the letter, the CCG have recognised the fact that they do not have the evidence base on which to proceed to make a decision at the current time. I welcome the recognition of this fact – it is blindingly clear to me that the evidence base is currently lacking.

Closing this centre would amount to the Centre being punished for being successful, and for satisfying an overwhelming public demand for the service.

I am disappointed however, that the letter does state that they are opposed to retention of the service on the current contractual arrangements. This, in my view and that of the Local Authority, would be the most preferable option.

There is now a holding period of several months during which it is absolutely vital that everyone who values this service, and wants to see it retained, puts the maximum amount of pressure possible on the CCG to retain the service with as little change as possible.