Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Latest DCMS response to the survival of local radio

Digital Radio may offer a clearer future, literally. However the spectrum is small and many local radio stations will be forced to remain on FM.

In Hyndburn we have 2BR, 107 the Bee, Accrington Asian radio (which broadcasts 1 month every year) and Rossendale Radio which is in the process of re-establishing itself.

Remaining on FM is seen as being disadvantageous. Partly quality, partly because some radios are DAB only, partly because people will see FM as a poorer source with poorer choice as the high profile stations broadcast from DAB.

I have had a five cornered response on this issue. From DCMS, my office, pro and anti DAB campaigners and our own local radio stations which I have blogged about previously.

This is the latest response from the DCMS on the issue.