Friday, 27 December 2013

Rossendale BC to get tough on rogue landlords in Haslingden.

Graham Jones MP & Rossendale Council Labour leader Alyson Barnes in Haslingden
Following very agreeable meetings I have I had with Alyson Barnes, the leader of Rossendale BC who shares my view, and after campaigning nationally against rogue landlords, I'm pleased that , the Leader is looking to take action against rogue landlords in Haslingden thanks to Rossendale BC's successful grant application to fund staff.

Alyson and I have had many conversations about about Haslingden and in spite of the huge government cuts to Rossendale Council's budget ,I am grateful that the Labour Council is starting to make some progress on this issue.

Operation CARL (Co-ordination Against Rogue Landlords) is an exciting and innovative approach that will tackle this problem of rogue landlords and provide a blueprint for others to follow.
The main focus for the scheme will be co-ordinated action across a number of agencies (DWP, Trading Standards, HMRC etc) to target rogue landlords operating in Rossendale and will include prosecution where evidence exists of criminal activity.
This scheme will provide the council with the resources to be in a position to empower more tenants to come forward and help take action to stop the on-going, underlying abuse being perpetrated by rogue landlords. 

Poor quality housing in the private rented sector is something which must be eradicated if we want prosperous towns in East Lancashire. I'm pleased that the local authority are taking steps to improve the living conditions of working people who deserve a good home.