Monday, 13 January 2014

Accrington to Manchester Airport Direct Line 2018? …

I have long campaigned for a direct rail link between Accrington  to Manchester and this is about to become a reality with the construction of the Todmorden Curve. Work is scheduled to finish this May though the start of the service has been delayed. This service as planned will terminate at Manchester Victoria.

Trains to Manchester Airport run from Manchester Piccadilly but work is soon to begin on a rail connection between Piccadilly and Victoria which when complete in 2018 will have four trains an hour from Victoria to the airport.

I have written to the Minister making the point that this service should merge with the new Accrington to Victoria service making a through service. A through service to the airport will be of economic benefit to Accrington as well as a convenience for holiday passengers.

The minister has been exceedingly positive in his response stating that this timetable adjustment will be considered by his department with Network Rail and Northern TOC in developing timetables around the Manchester area with development with the Northern hub.