Monday, 6 January 2014

Proceedings begin against six scrap metal dealers operating in Hyndburn

For the last two years in Parliament I have led on the campaign - alongside the @EnergyNetworks Association ( - to successfully change the old and outdated Scrap Metal Dealers Act, 1963 to tackle the growing problem of metal thieves and rogue operators whose thefts have plagued Britain's infrastructure, heritage and importantly who have acted with impunity in local communities.

The new law - The Scrap Metal Traders Act 2013 - came into effect on the 1st October. Since the Act came into being, I have worked with Hyndburn Council and Rossendale Council's and particularly the police to tackle problem mobile collectors.

Following representations I made to the Police in July, the Police conducted an operation under the old legislation (where not one single Scrap Metal Collector was registered with Hyndburn Council) and more recently a joint operation under the new laws with Hyndburn Council has resulted in legal proceedings being taken against six collectors. 

I will continue to both in the constituency and in Parliament to address this problematic issue.

Illegal Metal Collector at the back of Beech Street last summer

 Parliamentary Group on combating Metal Theft meets this week.

 The AGM of the APPG on Combating Metal Theft will take place on Tuesday 7 January at 09.30 in Committee Room 13 in the House of Commons.

I am currently the joint chair. 

We will hear from the new Home Office Minister of State for Crime Prevention, Norman Baker MP, on progress to deliver the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 as well as the Chair of the Safer and Stronger Communities Board of the Local Government Association, Councillor Mehboob Khan, on the implementation of the licensing scheme.