Saturday, 4 January 2014

Shelter can help your constituents on the brink of losing their home Email or Call 0808 800 4444

Dear Mr Jones, Shelter's helpline receives too many calls from people in desperation, and on the brink of losing their home, because bills and notices have been left unopened and problems have piled up. 

We know that one in eleven people fear they won't be able to afford to pay the rent or mortgage at the end of this month. Yet many people in this situation would feel too ashamed to ask for help.

This January we are encouraging those at risk to seek advice from Shelter and avoid problems spiralling out of control.

We would very much appreciate your help in getting this message out there. You can take these four actions to help people in your constituency to find professional advice:
  1. Post a link to our online advice on your website -
  2. Encourage your case workers to bookmark our online advice pages -  so they can refer to them when dealing with housing-related case work
  3. Let your constituents know how to get help from Shelter via our online advice and free telephone helpline number -  0808 800 4444
  4. Tweet our online advice details, or retweet us. You can find us at @Shelter
You may also wish to share the 'Shelter Stories' blog, which offers a first-person, friendly, and accessible introduction to advice.

For lots of people, the New Year period brings further challenges and worries.  That's why we are urging anyone worried about paying their rent or mortgage to make seeking early housing advice their New Year's resolution.
Warmest wishes for the New Year,

Martha Mackenzie
Public Affairs Officer
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