Saturday, 25 January 2014

Minister backs down in debate over bading of scrasp metal collector vehicles

When the metal theft legislation was passed I forced the government into conceding large council license badges on mobile metal collectors.

They did it by voting down the amendment I put forward by bringing forward a badly worded one of their own.

None the less the debate made it clear that large signs on vehicles are desirable.

The new minister Norman Baker MP since arriving in the job at the Home Office has tried to say that large external signs are not the intention and a little tax disk size license is.

This led to misinformation coming out of the LGA which I challenged too. Both Hyndburn and Blackburn sought legal advice on the badly worded clause in the Act - wasting resources.

In the end the minister backed down accepting if councils choose so, the Act is permissible allowing large exterior council licence plates. VICTORY.

See letter below.