Tuesday, 11 February 2014


While millions of families across Britain face the worst cost-of-living crisis for generations, this Tory-led Government listens only to a privileged few.

We need to change that. That's why I'm backing Ed Miliband's big reform to the Labour Party announced this week.

In order to form a truly One Nation government, which gives more power over to people to better shape their communities and the decisions that affect their lives, we have to start by opening up and changing the Labour Party itself.

Politics and political parties need to change, and with these proposals Labour is leading the way.
The changes are designed to ensure One Nation Labour is a party that reaches out to all the people of Britain. They are bold, and will strengthen our connection with people and communities throughout our country.

By bringing more people into the Labour Party and showing them why we are different, we are telling them who we are as a Party and how we aspire to govern.

Labour's proposals for change include:

- Giving trade union members a real choice over the payment of affiliation fees to Labour for the first time;

- Giving people who wish to become affiliated supporters a real voice within a genuinely One Nation Labour Party;

- Giving everyone who wants a direct individual relationship with the Labour Party a vote in leadership elections according to the principles of One Member, One Vote, in which everyone is treated as equal in worth to anyone else;

- Giving Londoners the chance to engage in politics with a primary introduced for the selection of Labour’s candidate for mayor;

- A guarantee to communities that Labour's process for selecting candidates is free from manipulation and fair to everyone.