Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Last week the Tory-led government had the opportunity to do something positive for the British people on immigration, but they blew their chance and gave us chaos and in-fighting instead.

The government's Immigration Bill is already weak on the problems of border control. The number of people stopped at the border has halved since David Cameron has been in power and fewer people who have broken the rules are being returned.

But with many local communities struggling with the cost of living, I'm alarmed that amidst the chaos, the government voted down serious proposals from Labour on minimum wage enforcement which aimed to stop the exploitation of migrant workers undercutting local jobs and wages.

This is a major issue for many people locally which should not be overlooked. With David Cameron refusing to rule out giving millionaire's another tax cut, ordinary working people really need the government to show that it is on their side and understands the day to day cost of living pressures they face.

Labour wants a sensible debate and swift action on immigration - not the chaos we've seen from the government this week, because Britain deserves better than this.