Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What is David Cameron & the Tories problem with women?

It is well known that the Tory party has a problem with women, and David Cameron’s Government is having the effect that you would expect from one that is run like an Old Boy’s Network.

When he became the Tory leader, he promised to modernise the Tory Party, but in realist is going backwards – half of the Tory women ministers from 2010 have resigned or been sacked from office.

Just five out of 33 people attending Cabinet are women, and out of 122 ministers just 25 are women, of whom 18 are Conservatives. There are now 55 Labour women frontbenchers out of 138 in total – 40%. In the Shadow Cabinet, there are 14 women out of 32 in total – 44%. The picture above speaks a thousand words, not one female face on the frontbench.

It is absolutely astounding that there are as many Cabinet Ministers who went to Eton or Westminster, as there are woman in the cabinet. This Prime Minister said he was going to lead the way on women’s equality. But under him for the first time in five years the gap between men and women’s pay has increased. According to the ONS, from 9.5% last year to 10.5% this year.

What would you expect from an unrepresentative, male-dominated Government such as Cameron’s?