Thursday, 13 March 2014

Support our new campaign - Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade

Dear Mr Jones, Diabetes UK has launched its 2014 campaign to improve care for children with diabetes in school.

Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade.

Last year, hundreds of parents told us about the care their children get at school. The response we had from parents of children with Type 1 diabetes was overwhelming.

Their stories painted a worryingly familiar picture. - Over a third said their child’s school care plan does not meet their needs.
- One in seven said their child doesn’t get support from school staff to deal with low blood sugar levels.
- Overall, one in five told us that the care their child is getting at school isn’t good enough.
Type 1 diabetes care in school must make the grade. That means no child with diabetes missing out on their education. No parent giving up work to look after their child in school. No child’s health put at risk because of a lack of understanding about diabetes. And no school lacking the resources or know-how to provide the care a child needs.

We don’t want to keep hearing stories from your constituents about children with diabetes missing out on their education.

Today, the Children and Families Bill was granted royal assent. What that means to children with diabetes and other health conditions in England is that from September 2014 their school will legally be required to support them properly.

As part of our campaign we have been working with the Government, parents and schools to make sure the guidance for schools provides children with Type 1 diabetes the right support for them to remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

We’ll also be producing info packs for schools, children and parents to make sure the right support for children with Type 1 diabetes is in place, as well as creating a special area of our website dedicated to schools.

As an MP you can help us too. Local authorities and CCGs have a key role to play in equipping teachers and school staff with the training and expertise they’ll need to support children with diabetes in schools properly.

Please write to your local authority and CCGs and ask them to make sure they are ready to help your local schools get the right care in place for children with Type 1 diabetes.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support our campaign please visit

With very best wishes Barbara Young