Saturday, 22 March 2014

Working parents are worn out by the cost of living crisis, whilst the government confirms no help with childcare in this parliament

This week’s Budget announcement on childcare confirmed that David Cameron has no plan to help parents with the rising cost of childcare before the next election. This is not good enough for hard-pressed families who have seen the cost of childcare spiral by 30 percent since 2010 – five times faster than wages.

David Cameron has cut support for children and families by £15bn since he came to office. And he’s now confirmed that no help will arrive until after the election. This is too little, too late.

By 2015, David Cameron will have taken away up to £15 billion in support for children and families, turning his back on working parents as they struggled to make ends meet. Nearly four years of Tory Government have left the average working family £1600 worse off.

Far from lifting people out of tax as they claim through changes to the personal allowance, we’ve seen a staggering 24 Tory tax rises, including the VAT hike since 2010.

Britain needs a Labour Government to expand free childcare for working parents to 25 hours a week for 3 and 4 years old and to cut taxes for 24 million working people on middle and low incomes with a lower 10p starting rate of tax.

This week’s Budget could have made a real difference to hardworking parents, but it failed to deliver for all but the privileged few at the top who will keep their £150,000 tax cut.

This Budget didn’t offer much to hard working families, but it certainly told them something.

David Cameron and George Osborne can’t deliver a recovery for the many because they only stand up for the privileged few.

Labour will balance the books in the next Parliament, but we will do it in a fairer way including reversing the £3 billion tax cut for people earning over £150,000 – a recovery built by the many, for the many.