Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Labour government will scrap the Bedroom Tax

On the one year anniversary of the Bedroom Tax, I pledge that a Labour government will scrap the Bedroom Tax which has hit 460 people in Hyndburn, and 354 people in Rossendale. 

Since David Cameron's government introduced the Bedroom Tax low-income households have been forced to find, on average an extra £720 a year. According to the National Housing Federation two thirds of households hit by the Bedroom Tax cannot find the money to pay their rents and one in seven are at risk of eviction. 

Britain can't afford another year of David Cameron and Nick Clegg's Bedroom Tax. This cruel policy was an attempt to balance the nation's finances on the backs of those who have no choice but to pay it because there is simply nowhere for them to move. What's more is that it isn't even working because the benefits bill is rising – because people are being moved into more expensive private rented housing. 

It's time for the government to ditch the Bedroom Tax, If they don't, then a Labour government will. 

I echo the words of Rachael Reeves, who said: "Over the past year half a million people have been hit by the Bedroom Tax, forcing thousands into debt and thousands more to rely on food banks. It's a cruel, unfair and costly tax which targets the vulnerable, with two thirds of those affected disabled. David Cameron promised the Bedroom Tax would save money, but figures in the Budget show the housing benefit bill is rising, not falling, with a huge £1billion increase over the next five years."