Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ed Balls: Why Labour won't stop talking about the cost of living crisis

Ed Balls has written for the Guardian on the cost of living crisis the government fails to address and Labour’s ideas to mend the broken link between the wealth of the country and people's own finances.

Over the coming weeks we can expect ministers to start telling us that the cost of living crisis is over but for most families in Britain today such a declaration, on the back of a handful of economic statistics, will only confirm just how out of touch this government is.

Labour will continue to set out radical but credible policies to earn our way to higher living standards for all, not just a few and tackle this deep-seated cost of living crisis. We will make work pay and tackle insecurity by strengthening the minimum wage, incentivising the living wage, ending the abuse of zero-hours contracts and expanding free childcare for working parents.

This is in addition to Labour’s policies to:
• Reform our uncompetitive banks
• Reform the energy market including a price freeze for families and businesses
• Create more good jobs
• Devolve economic power to Britain's towns and cities
• Boost vocational education
• Get young people into work
• Cut business rates
• Introduce a British Investment Bank
• Increase house building to at least 200,000 a year

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