Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Government votes against a freeze on bills for households in Haslingden and Hyndburn

Thousands of households across Britain were this week denied an energy bill freeze when the Tories and their Liberal Democrat allies blocked Labour’s call to freeze energy bills until 2017, which would have saved the average household £120.

David Cameron had the chance to put hard-working people before the big energy companies. But once again hard-working people will rightly be asking why they have been left out in the cold, while David Cameron stands up for a privileged few.

Labour will not let the Government kick the problem of rip-off energy bills into the long grass.

As the recent price freeze announcement from SSE shows, Labour's freeze plan is possible - despite what David Cameron says to the contrary.

A Labour Government will break up the big energy companies, create genuine competition and make tariffs simpler and fairer. And until these reforms kick in, we will put a stop to unfair price rises by freezing energy bills until 2017, saving the average household £120.