Thursday, 24 April 2014

Propaganda on the rates; Pickles needs to look closer to home...

   Eric Pickles has once again been handing out his latest edict on Town Hall Pravda's on the rates.

At the same time David Cameron has been sending out letters to millions of businesses talking up Tory policies. 1.9million in fact. I have been contacted by businesses in the constituency registering their disapproval of the content of the letter.

Cameron is accused of using public funds for Tory spin. Top officials and the election watchdog are now set to investigate whether David Cameron's letter to businesses promoting the new employment allowance amounts to taxpayer funded "Tory propaganda".

I have written to Eric Pickles to agree with him and ask him what he is going to say and do about 'propaganda' emanating from his own party at taxpayers expense?

It all smacks of hypocrisy and opportunism ahead of elections: a different set of rules apply to privileged Tories.