Thursday, 29 May 2014

Calling all local export businesses!

I strongly believe that the future of Hyndburn and the wider North West economy is closely tied to private and business consumption in China. We are one of the few areas in the UK where manufacturing is still responsible for the majority of employment, and new markets for new products are the way to ensure our future prosperity.

I have been working with the Manchester-China forum, which is a business group aimed at forging further links between Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas, and China.

In an effort to link the region up to new export opportunities China, the Manchester-China Forum is trying to link up local businesses with Chinese students currently studying at universities in Manchester. The intention is that the student gets some experience working in business, and in exchange the company will get a native speaker, cultural and business knowledge as well as market insight which could otherwise be costly and difficult to attain.

If you are interested in the possibility of linking up with a Chinese student through the Manchester-China Forum, and could host a placement, please get in touch with the Forum via – or if you would like more information do not hesitate to contact me directly via