Thursday, 8 May 2014

David Cameron must govern for all of us not just the privileged few

David Cameron has struggled this week to justify why he has sold off chunks of the Royal Mail to so called ‘ priority investors’ - including hedge funds with links to the Conservative Party.

The more we know about David Cameron's privatisation of Royal Mail, the bigger the fiasco it is.

Based on share-prices earlier this week, the taxpayer has lost over £1 billion - while hedge funds have cashed in.

This is a real kick in the teeth to the rest of us who are right to ask why this national asset has been sold at a knock-down price in what can only be described as a sweetheart deal for the city. All while living standards for most have fallen and public services like the NHS are feeling the pressure.

The Tories approach to governing Britain is about standing up for a privileged few. They don’t understand what is happening in most people’s lives: the worries about the cost of living crisis and what the future holds for them and their children.

David Cameron is totally out of touch with hard working families. This botched privatisation of the Royal Mail shows just whose side he is on.