Tuesday, 13 May 2014

David Cameron should be standing up for British science and industry

This week saw Prime Minister David Cameron appear to cheerlead for US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s bid for AstraZeneca – when he should have been championing British science and industry.

Many people are really worried about what the takeover will mean for British jobs as well as our economy in the longer term.

There is no reason why Government could not immediately expand the public interest test for deals like this, to make sure that British assets are protected and can’t be stripped away by companies whose intentions are not fully clear. If they expanded the public interest test now, Labour would certainly support it.

David Cameron is out of touch on this. Labour would do things differently.

We are serious about building an economy for the long term. An economy that works for ordinary British people, not just a privileged few. Our economic plan to tackle the cost of living crisis shows how different we are from the Tories.

When people are worried about what the future holds for themselves and their children, making sure Britain’s assets are protected is really important.