Thursday, 29 May 2014

Haslingden Task Force update

Yesterday was the second meeting of the Haslingden Task Force. Labour colleagues on Rossendale BC have earmarked £100,000 to help kick start the regeneration of Haslingden. The meeting is attended by members of both main political parties, the police, the council's regeneration team, local community groups and voluntary organisations and the next meeting will see local traders represented at the meeting.

At the previous meeting it was agreed a consultation exercise would take place with local traders and that the results of this consultation will help shape the future work of the group. 53 local businesses responded to the consultation and a further 17 have expressed an interest in taking part in the consultation at a later date. Any regeneration of Haslingden must involve local businesses and it's good to see a strong response from traders and the task force should be commended for this engagement.

The Task Force also received presentations from the Princes Trust and the Somewhereto_Project who work with young people in the area and can help regenerate some empty properties in the town. Like businesses in the town, it's vital that young people have a stake in the regeneration of the town.

Finally the group discussed the public realm plans that have been previously discussed with regards to Haslingden and the group was asked if there was a consensus about proceeding with a public realm project. To help assist any project, there was also a suggestion that the group should receive information about Heritage Lottery funding that the £100,000 could lever in to strengthen the project.

I know that my update is slightly whistle stop but it's great to see people working together to improve Haslingden and I'm looking forward to seeing the plans progress. Rossendale BC should be praised for making this commitment and for working to improve Haslingden and I'm sure residents will see further consultation and will be able to have their say on any proposals.