Monday, 12 May 2014

Labour's GP Guarantee

This evening Ed Miliband has announced Labour's GP Guarantee: An appointment within 48 hours for all who want one – and an appointment on the same day for all who need one.

Labour will give all NHS patients contacting their surgery the right to:
• Consult a doctor or a nurse at their local GP surgery on the same day.
• Get an appointment at their surgery on the same day if they need to be seen quickly.
• Have a guaranteed appointment at their GP surgery within 48 hours.
• Book an appointment more than 48 hours ahead with the GP of their choice.

The new investment in GP services is fully funded by:
• Scrapping the Government's rules which have led to spending of at least £78 million on unnecessary administration and legal fees because NHS services are now under threat from EU competition law.
• Cutting back the new bureaucracy created by this Government which has seen the costs of three sets of quangos – Monitor, the Trust Development Authority and Commissioning Support Units – spiral with their current spending just on consultants now totalling over £3 million a year.