Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Labour’s plans to ban unfair letting fees and deal with the housing crisis head on

The Tory-led Government voted against Labour’s amendment to ban unfair letting agent fees this week which will dismay ‘Generation Rent’ - the nine million people in this country including 1.3 million families who live in rented accommodation for whom housing is already insecure, uncertain and a strain on family finance.

Labour is standing up for private renters who are being hit hard by David Cameron's cost-of-living crisis and we will continue to push for letting agent fees on tenants to be banned.

The average up-front fees are £350, but in high demand areas these fees can be much higher.
A Labour government will ban letting agent fees on tenants as well as introducing long- term stable tenancies with predictable rents.

There is a housing crisis in this country as confirmed by this week’s house building statistics which show that we’re building less than half the homes we need to keep up with demand.

David Cameron has failed to tackle the growing housing shortage which is central to the cost-of-living crisis. Under David Cameron the number of homes built has fallen to the lowest level in peacetime since the 1920s.

Labour is clear that you can’t deal with the cost-of-living crisis without building more homes. That’s why Labour will deal with the housing crisis head on and has committed to getting 200,000 homes a year built by 2020.