Monday, 19 May 2014

Only Labour will tackle the scandal of low pay

The introduction of the National Minimum Wage is one of Labour's greatest achievements – it boosted pay at the bottom without leading to a loss of jobs, and has wide industry support as a result. But the NMW was designed to prevent exploitation and extreme low wages. Today, the challenge is the large number of people that do a hard day's work but are still living in poverty. Britain has a bigger problem of low pay than other advanced countries. Over 5 million people are low paid, and more than a quarter of a million people are still estimated to earn less than the legal minimum wage. Things have got worse under the Tories: average wages are down by over £1,600 a year since 2010, and the value of the NMW has declined by 5% over the same period.‎

We need a new approach to the NMW, with an ambitious target to increase the minimum wage over the course of the next Parliament. This is how we ensure there is a bond between the wealth we earn as a nation and the wages that people earn for a hard day’s work.

The next Labour Government will strengthen the minimum wage. We will set a target to raise the minimum wage to a higher proportion of average earnings over the course of the next Parliament. It will be the Low Pay Commission's job to meet that target.

Britain is one of the lowest paid advanced economies. Labour will restore the link between hard work & decent pay for working people.

Under Labour workers on the minimum wage will not be left behind - hard work should mean decent pay.

"Labour will raise minimum wage: Ed Miliband's pledge to 'significantly' boost pay" from today's @MirrorPolitics

v.important announcement by @Ed_Miliband on how @UKLabour will strengthen the minimum wage we established in office

We have to reduce the incidence of low paid work in Britain and our plans to strengthen the minimum wage will help us do that.