Friday, 9 May 2014

Direct Rail link to Manchester. Porterbook leasing - a reply to the lack of the trains

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I wrote to Porterbrook who are a large rolling stock leasing company. I have received a reply from them. It is clear that the north is a poor cousin of the south. That the new line to Manchester will only receive a 'hand me down' diesel engine once brand new trains have been built and acquired for Southern Train operating franchise. Their older trains to be transferred to the newly electrified Liverpool and Manchester line allowing the old diesel stock on tat line to be handed down to Northern for the East Lancashire line.

It's about time new rolling stock started off in the north and hand me downs given to London and the south. What message does it send to businesses and visitors to the north when they themselves can see that it is second class peripheral region as far as infrastructure and transport.

If we add up the £18billion for Crossrail, £6 billion for Thameslink, £6 billion for Reading line and station, HS1 Channel Tunnel rail link - that ends at St Pancraes - over and £1billion for Westminster tube station and on and on.. A clear picture emerges of the London and the surrounding home counties £billions whilst the north receives little in terms of improvement or investment creating an economy that is unbalenced.