Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Labour will control immigration in a fair way

The Tories have broken their promises on immigration. They promised to reduce net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ but they are failing to reach their target. It is going up not down and the Government isn’t tackling those who exploit immigration to undercut local wages and jobs.

The last Labour government got some things wrong on immigration - including not putting proper controls on Eastern European migration. But the Tory and Liberal Democrats’ approach isn't working either.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of people in Hyndburn and many of them have told me that whilst immigration is important for our economy, there also need to be proper controls. Immigration must be controlled and managed so the system is fair for local people and in the interests of Britain.

That’s why Labour has set out a new progressive approach to immigration, which recognises the benefits immigration can bring, and also sets out practical policies to control immigration, address the impact on jobs, wages and communities and make the system fairer for all.

Labour wants stronger controls on borders and on immigration from new EU countries. We welcome overseas students who bring in billions but want more action to tackle illegal immigration.

We also need to crack down on the agencies and zero hours contracts that employers use to exploit immigration and undercut local workers.

Only Labour has the policies to control immigration in a fair way so it doesn’t hit local people or damage economic investment in our country.