Monday, 16 June 2014

Passport chaos shows government is out of touch

Virtually every Member of Parliament I have spoken to this week has constituents who have paid for holidays or business trips, put passport applications in on time, but are still waiting for their passports to come through with just days to go.

The Government has been in total denial about the chaos they have created over the passport backlog. Only at the eleventh hour this week did David Cameron acknowledge that the backlog exists and while new measures have now been put in place, many questions still remain.

The truth is that instead of dealing with the problem - which they have known about for some time - the Home Secretary has been fighting with the Education Secretary and the basic business of the Home Office is not being done. Staffing cuts is part of this too. Cameron said extra resources have been allocated to deal with problem, but in truth staffing at the passport office is down by 15% (600) since 2010.

The Government is still refusing to offer either apology of promise of recompense constituents who did everything right, but they may still have to miss holidays and cancel flights.

David Cameron is really out of touch on this. It is totally unfair that hard working people are panicked and distressed when they have saved hard for a well-earned break.