Saturday, 19 July 2014

BACK ON TRACK CAMPAIGN - Latest reply from the DfT

Below is the latest reply fomr the DfT in the campaign to secure a diesel engined train for the newly complete track between Accringotn/Burnley and Manchester Victoria.

The minster for state was sacked (Stephen Hammond) and I have taken the opportunity straight away  to speak ti the new rail minister Clare Perry to make the point once again; 18 miles between Manchester (and well paid jobs) and Accrington, one new train line completed after 7 years campaigning this May, still no train.She has promised to look into with expdiency. Hyndburn isn't holding it's breath!

I am also approaching teh issue of fare structure with County who as the letter says in the last parapgraph, will be effectively be the franchise/TOC (with Northern providing the service) for the first three years.