Friday, 18 July 2014

I will continue fighting to prevent GP closures and job losses in my constituency...

I recently stood up in the House of Commons to discuss the cuts Hyndburn are currently facing on the NHS, including cuts to the walk-in centre which over 36,000 people have used, and cuts to the NHS GP practice in Accrington Victoria as well as the £1.1m proposed reduction in funding for PMS GP contracts in East Lancashire.

With the Government's increasing focus on hospitals, particularly Sir Bruce Keogh's focus on the A and E at Royal Blackburn Hospital, I find it difficult to comprehend how the Secretary for State for Health (Jeremy Hunt) can talk of increased NHS spending when so many NHS services in Hyndburn face cuts and his logic that it's only hospitals that matter.

The proposed cuts to the Walk in Centre, the proposed cuts to NHS GP practice at Accrington Victoria and the cuts now proposed to PMS GP contracts which Hyndburn GPs have put at £1.1m and will lead to a reduction in GP hours. Combine those, and the increasing demand, it is no wonder A and E departments are facing such strain.

This is leading to a poorer patient service with some people having to wait over a week for an appointment. This is a reduction in services and it is clear the Government are neither tackling this problem.

Mr Hunt's has previously criticised walk in centres when I raised the issue of the closure of Accrington's walk in centre on the floor of the house but there is no doubt that his case this week, that simply increasing nurses at hospitals including Royal Blackburn will solve the problem at the hospital and particularly at A and E.

Cuts to GP services only add to the problems at A and E, ap[oint I made to Mr Hunt on the floor of the House of Commons this week. Any review must not simply focus on nurse numbers but patient pathways.

With more administrative work being forced onto GPs, as well as their hours being reduced, and the number of available GPs declining, the only way for people to seek medical attention is through A and E services which is putting an unmanageable strain on A and E, particularly on Hyndburn.

It is important for me to see everyone in my constituency, and across the country, have reliable and effective healthcare. I will continue fighting to prevent GP closures and job losses in my constituency and join the shadow Secretary of State in saying that we should not only look at hospitals, but at the broader picture.

The reality is the Secreatry of State who bnrought in this latest top down re-organisaiton of the NHS has had his political career subsequenlty terminated. Ths Tories can't be trusted with the NHSas they don't deep down like it and in order to score cheap political points have reduced themselves led by cheerleader Mr Hunt to repeating the words "Mid Staffordshire" in self recognition of abject failure everywhere else in healthcare .