Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rising Bridge Roundabout

For some time now I have been working with Rossendale Borough Council, Hyndburn Borough Council and the Highways Agency to see what can be done to make Rising Bridge Roundabout a more attractive gateway to the area and to alleviate the amount of rubbish that is strewn in the verges and in the highway.

Following much correspondence between all agencies, I recently received a more positive reply from the Highways Agencies. They inform me that their plans show a general inspection of the A56 is undertaken weekly during which hazardous defects, litter, debris and the general condition of the route are recorded. From the inspections litter levels are assessed and graded in accordance with the EPA and work is then programmed to collect litter within defined timescales, which are also specified within the EPA.

In addition to the weekly inspections their Service Provider supplements this inspection with a monthly network wide inspection specifically targeting litter and debris. The results of this are then used to identify litter hotspot areas with subsequent works programmes adjusted to ensure compliance with their agreement. In April of this year they have collected 198 bags of litter from the A56 of which 28 bags were collected from the Rising Bridge Roundabout. In May they have collected 106 bags of litter from the A56.

More pleasing is that now Rossendale Borough Council have drawn up plans for the roundabout and all agencies are now working to seek funding arrangements to help deliver the project. That we now have plans drawn up for the roundabout is a really welcome news and I’d like to thank Rossendale Borough Council for their work on this. I will be working with Rossendale Borough Council and other agencies to see how best to secure funding for the improvement works and to see how we can continue to make sure the area is a clean, safe and an appropriate gateway for the area.