Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Votes at 16 - Rossendale Council passes motion to support

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Delighted Rossendale Council is supporting votes at 16.
My grandmother passed away having sadly suffering senile dementia for a good few years. I had to help her to the polling station and she didn't really understand fully what she was doing.

No one is suggesting she should have lost the right to vote so I don't think the argument that 'adults between the ages of 16 and 18 don't understand politics' is a consistent or strong enough argument on its own. There has to some principle and some consistency.

Most youngsters do understand politics in my experience and I have done a number of Q&A's at 6th forms and the college. The argument that yojgsters don't understand politics was one that was employed to stop women getting the vote a century ago. Receiving the franchise is progress and as a result more young people would engage in politcs that currently do. Votes at 16 is therefore not a case of the here and now but about future.