Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cancer Survival Rate in East Lancashire requires stricter Monitoring

With East Lancashire's Cancer Survival Rate deemed 'Poorer' than the National Average in a new report published by the APPG on Cancer which highlights the importance of early diagnosis in ensuring an increase in one year survival rates.

East Lancashire's One Year Cancer Survival Rate of "67%", suggests a higher emphasis needs to be placed on early diagnosis. One Year Survival rate statistics monitor Clinical Commissioning Groups' (CCG's) progress in promoting early diagnosis. Late diagnosis makes for poor survival rates, and highlighting each CCG's one year survival figures will encourage the local NHS to pursue initiatives to further promote earlier diagnosis.

By promoting the importance of One Year Survival statistics within the NHS, local areas will be better informed to review specific care methods required to ensure early diagnosis; be that better screening, improving public awareness, or increasing GP Training.

Clinical Commissioning Groups have highlighted that the UK is struggling to keep up with other European counties in its cancer survival rates, matching this would save as many as 10,000 lives a year. I have written to the CCG regarding their plans to promote early diagnosis in East Lancashire, and their use of the vital One Year Survival statistics.

Cancer survival rates in the UK have improved significantly and it is important that the NHS continues to improve for the people of East Lancashire.