Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fwd: You won't believe what they said about disabled people:


The cruelty of this is almost hard to believe.

David Cameron's welfare minister has been recorded saying that some disabled people — and this is a word-for-word quote — "aren't worth the full wage". That's the *minimum* wage.

In fact, he even suggested that they should be able to work for £2 an hour. That's right — £2 an hour.

To even contemplate something so backward, so ignorant...if we hadn't seen this so many times before, it would seriously beggar belief.

If you believe as I do — and as Labour always will — that disabled people are as worthy of fair pay as anyone, help us make sure the Tories can't get away with this — share now:

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Tory minister - some disabled people are not worth the full page

Just when you think they can't sink any lower...


Kate Green MP
Labour's Shadow Minister for Disabled People