Friday, 17 October 2014

Putting football fans back at the heart of how the game is run

For many of us, football clubs embody the meaning of community spirit: sticking together, staying loyal come rain or shine and through the highs and lows.

Today, Labour is announcing plans to put football fans back at the heart of how the game is run – will you tweet your support?
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For too long, the game has taken our loyalty for granted. Owners have treated fans as cash cows. They've hiked ticket prices, loaded clubs with unmanageable debt, and even moved the grounds far beyond their local roots, all without any consultation.

As a Co-operative Party MP, I've worked for many years to ensure that fans, and the supporter's trusts that represent them, have a much greater say over how their clubs are run.

Today Labour Shadow Sports Minister Clive Efford MP has promised that under a future Labour & Co-operative government, supporters trusts will have the right to:

  • Appoint up to a quarter (and at least two) of the Club's directors
  • Buy up to 10% of shares when a club changes ownership

As members of the Co-operative Party, we should be hugely proud of our role in putting fan ownership on the agenda. It's just one of many ways that we're ensuring that co-operative and mutual principles are at the heart of the next Labour government – so let's make sure we shout about it.

Tom Greatrex MP
Labour & Co-operative
Rutherglen and Hamilton West 

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