Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hyndburn is in the third quartile when it comes to getting the poorest children reading - We must change that

This week in my Accrington Observer column I reprise the issue of the importance of childhood reading in a world that is changing fast; a world which is catching up and overtaking some of our most deprived communities. The consequences of which is a shift in economic power.

Children in reception class in Hyndburn will not retire officially until at least 2080. I cannot stress the importance of early learning. I cannot stress the importance either of life long learning.

Hyndburn is in the third quartile when it comes to getting the poorest children reading well, according to a recent report released by the Read On. Get On. campaign.
One constituent wrote to me and I agree with every word,

"I’m sure we all agree that this means we need to do better. Nationwide, too many of the poorest children leave primary school still struggling to read well, and no area is currently getting all kids reading well by age 11.

The life chances of our poorest children shouldn’t be determined by their postcode. We all need to work together, from parents, schools and communities through to Local Authorities and national governments, to change this."
I not only back the Read On. Get On. campaign to help all areas to do better. I support the BookTrust and I have raised the issue of childhood reading many times. We must all champion literacy in our area.

A more detailed breakdown of our constituency’s statistics Read On. Get On. website and members of the public can email governmentrelations@savethechildren.org.uk

I support the goal to get all children reading well by the end of primary school by 2025 and join the movement of teachers, parents, business leaders, authors and politicians to change the story for children across the country.