Thursday, 19 February 2015

Childcare costs soar under David Cameron

Childcare costs soar under David Cameron 


New figures out today show that the cost of childcare has soared by 33 per cent under David Cameron, with families spending £1,533 more this year than they did in 2010, while wages have remained largely static.


The Labour Party's analysis of the report from the Family and Childcare Trust shows that in some parts of the country the cost of childcare has rocketed by as much as 53 per cent over the Parliament.


These figures lay bare the extent of David Cameron’s failure – he is badly letting down working families. Since 2010 the failing Tory plan has seen the costs of childcare soar. On top of this, there are over 40,000 fewer childcare places and wages are down £1,600 a year on average.


Labour gets that Britain only succeeds when working families succeed. Our plan offers a better future for families struggling against the soaring cost and lack of availability of childcare.


Background: Labour's better plan for working families

  • We will extend free childcare from 15 to 25 hours for working parents with three and four-year-olds paid for by an increase in the bank levy. This will benefit nearly half a million three and four-year-olds and their families and help parents overcome the barriers to getting back to work or working more hours.
  • We will introduce a primary childcare guarantee – a legal guarantee that parents of primary-aged children can access childcare from 8am to 6pm through their local school, helping families tackle the logistical nightmare that before- and after-school childcare can become.
  • We will double paid paternity leave for fathers from two to four weeks so they can spend time with their children, helping more than 400,000 families a year, and raise paternity pay by more than £100 a week to at least £260 a week – the equivalent of the minimum wage – so that working Dads can afford to take time off.
  • We will save Sure Start and tackle the shortage of childcare places by doubling the number available at Sure Start centres – at least 50,000 more places – and ensure Children's Centres are properly used rather than being mothballed. 

Labour has set out a new plan for Britain's future, a plan that works for ordinary families, rewarding the hard work they do and saving the NHS they rely on.


The Tories can’t build a better future for working people because they stand up only for a privileged few. With the NHS going backwards and a recovery which works just for a few, working people can’t afford five more years of David Cameron.


You can’t trust Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. They broke their promises and have been too weak to stand up to the Tories.


UKIP can't stand for working people: they're more Tory than the Tories, a party made up of Tory people, promoting Tory policies, bankrolled by Tory donors.

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