Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Ed Miliband has recently launched #ShapeYourFuture - Labour’s plan for the next generation.


#Shapeyourfuture will put the ideas and aspirations of young people at the heart of Labour’s plans for the general election and for government.


New figures published this week show almost one million voters have disappeared from the Electoral Register in the last year, particularly in towns and cities with large numbers of students and young people.


Ed Miliband has urged them to find their voice and make themselves heard in May’s crucial election for their generation.


The Tories and Lib Dems have betrayed young people by trebling tuition fees, scrapping the EMA and leaving 750,000 young people unemployed.


This General Election is not only a chance to hold leaders to account, but also an opportunity for young people to shape their future with better policies on housing, jobs and pay.


The consultation will run from Friday 16 January to Monday 16 February, including lots of activity on National Voter Registration Day on Thursday 5 February.  I’m calling on as many local young people as possible to participate in the consultation by visiting www.labour.org.uk/shapeyourfuture and by tweeting their ideas on the hashtag #ShapeYourFuture.