Wednesday, 11 February 2015


One of the main concerns local people raise with me is over the high cost of their energy bills and their struggle to heat their homes.

That’s why in Parliament I voted for Labour’s plans to give the energy regulator the power to cut energy prices when wholesale costs fall, and take immediate action to ensure that the reductions are passed on to consumers.

Last month the Government accepted that the energy market is broken. Whenever energy companies announce their price hikes, they always blame wholesale price rises. But when wholesale prices fall, energy companies never seem to pass on the savings and customers rarely see their bills fall.

Labour has already called for big changes to our energy market, including an energy price freeze until 2017, which would allow energy prices to fall but not to rise, saving the average household £120. We will also fix the energy market for the future, with a tough new regulator to curb rip-off bills.

Yet despite this problem getting worse, David Cameron has failed to set out any action to ensure families get cheaper gas and electricity prices when wholesale energy costs fall. That’s why Labour has called on the Tory-led government to put their money where their mouth is and back Labour’s plans to help hardworking families with the high price of their energy bills.