Friday, 6 February 2015

Today: Damning verdict on David Cameron's NHS record

Today's authoritative report from the independent health think tank the King's Fund gives a damning verdict on David Cameron's record on the NHS.

It says that "Historians will not be kind in their assessment of the coalition government’s record on NHS reform" and concludes that David Cameron's top-down reorganisation of the NHS "has been distracting and damaging", creating "complex and confusing" new bureaucratic structures.

David Cameron has failed on the NHS.
  • There is a crisis in A&E – today's figures show it is getting worse, with hospital A&Es missing the four-hour waiting time target for 81 weeks in a row.
  • Waiting lists for treatment are growing again – they’re at their highest level for six years.
  • It’s harder to get see your family doctor – one in four patients wait a week or more to see their GP.
Labour warned David Cameron that his reorganisation would damage the NHS. His plans were opposed by patients, nurses, doctors and midwives in their thousands - but he ploughed on.

The sad truth is that by turning the NHS upside down and causing a crisis in A&E, David Cameron has made care problems more likely, not less. We must rescue the health service from a Tory plan that has already caused crisis over the past five years - and now, if the Conservatives win a second term, threatens the NHS as we know it.

Labour has a better plan for the NHS. We will invest in and improve our NHS, with more doctors and nurses, so that it has time to care for you and your family.

Labour’s 10-year plan for the NHS is a blueprint to raise standards of care and ensure the health service is sustainable in the 21st century. We will invest an extra £2.5 billion for more nurses, doctors, care workers and midwives, guarantee that you will not have to wait more than a week for a cancer test or 48 hours for a GP appointment, and repeal David Cameron’s NHS changes that put private profit before patient care.

Labour has set out a new plan for Britain's future, a plan that works for ordinary families, rewarding the hard work they do and saving the NHS they rely on.

The Tories can’t build a better future for working people because they stand up only for a privileged few. With the NHS going backwards and a recovery which works just for a few, working people can’t afford five more years of David Cameron.

You can’t trust Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. They broke their promises and have been too weak to stand up to the Tories.

UKIP can't stand for working people: they're more Tory than the Tories, a party made up of Tory people, promoting Tory policies, bankrolled by Tory donors.